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The Opposite of Hate

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Writer and news contributor Sally Kohn opens her hilarious and eye-opening Ted Talk with this: “I’m a progressive lesbian, talking head on Fox News. You all heard that, right?” Part of her job: debating with people who strongly disagree with everything she says and does. It’s this exact idea that drives Kohn’s debut book, The Opposite of Hate—which is essentially her quest to dissect hatred: why we feel it, what fuels it, and how we can fight it. She traveled across the globe to talk with former terrorists and white supremacists. She confronts her online haters and divulges her weak moments, when hatred suffocated her grace. The truths are enlightening; they’re also uplifting, as Kohn unveils the ethos that we all have the capacity to change, to hate less—or, perhaps, not at all. Her biggest message: practicing something she calls emotional correctness—i.e., building compassion for one another, learning to find common ground, changing not what we say, but how we say it. Kohn’s wisdom couldn’t be more timely: She offers unique, smart, and poignant guidance for the emotionally mired times we’re living in.

  • Hardcover
  • 272 pages
  • ISBN: 9781616207281
The Opposite of Hate

The Opposite of Hate