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Shower Clear

The Original Chrome Showerhead

US $275.00

This new detox essential is easy to install in your shower, and it solves a problem you might not have been aware you had: Over time, most shower heads accumulate all sorts of unpleasantness, from bacteria to mold. Shower Clear’s shower heads pop open and dry naturally after a shower, so they never develop mold or other toxins (they’re also incredibly easy to clean). Crafted of substantial, luxurious metals, the clean design works miraculously with any style bathroom, and makes an incredible-feeling spray, too—it’s a major upgrade to any shower—and a must for healthy living.
  • 100% brass 
  • Diameter: 5"


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United States
United Kingdom

About the Brand

These stunningly designed showerheads work, impossibly, with practically any decor or style and have an amazing, healthy secret: After his mother developed respiratory illness, Steve Sunshine learned about the dangerous bacteria (nontuberculous mycobacteria) that can proliferate in showerheads and at-home water systems. He removed his mother’s showerhead only to find it overrun with mold—and created Shower Clear, a mold-defying—not to mention bathroom-beautifying—showerhead that comes in four finishes. The design is gobsmackingly simple: You easily pop the showerhead open after you shower, so it dries out—that way, nothing harmful ever grows inside. Brilliant.