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Penguin Random House

The Preservation Cooking Book: The Craft of Making and Cooking with Pickles, Preserves, and Aigre-doux

US $30.00

Straight from the kitchen of Michelin-starred chef Paul Virant, this cookbook is your all-encompassing get-started guide to making (and cooking with) everything from pickles and preserves to spiced jams and smoky relishes. Plus, Virant offers plenty of unique, seasonal pairings to put the tasty creations to good use. 

  • Hardcover
  • Length: 9.8", Width: 8.9", Height: 1.1"
  • 304 pages

About the Brand

Penguin Random House is an American multi-national publishing house bringing fiction, non-fiction, and children’s books into the homes of millions every year. Recognized by the stamp of the noble penguin mascot along the spine of each publication, Penguin is the largest English language trade publisher in the world.