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Theragun G3

US $399.00

The Theragun G3 is an ergonomically designed, lightweight massager for occasional soreness, muscle tightness, and knots, delivering up to forty pounds of force at up to forty percussions per second. That is, it’s an on-demand massage therapist that fits in your hand. The G3 is packable, rechargeable, and great both pre-and post-workout—or at your desk, or during a layover, or really: any time.

  • 2-speed functionality
  • Professional-grade plastic composite with industrial-grade Japanese motor
  • Included attachments: dampener, standard ball, thumb, cone
  • Includes Lithium-ion 3 cell batteries and charger (60 minutes battery life with full charge)
  • 9.8"x7.9"x2.8"
  • 2.7 lbs
Theragun G3

Theragun G3