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Jennifer Meyer

Thin Ring With Turquoise

US $175.00

This 18k gold band is perfectly simple, made with a single, small-but-stunning turquoise stone. It’s beautiful on its own, but its size makes it perfect for stacking with other rings (like Jennifer Meyer’s Thin Ring With Diamond.)

  • 18k gold, turquoise
  • Band width: 0.04"
Thin Ring With Turquoise

Thin Ring With Turquoise

About the Brand

Jennifer Meyer is an old friend of GP’s, so it’s no surprise that her jewelry line has been a goop-shop standby since both brands’ early days. Jenn’s delicate gold pieces are stunning on their own, but they’re particularly great stacked and combined with everything from costume jewelry to family heirlooms. Since her pieces always end up being the ones we put on and never take off, they make the most wonderful gifts.