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Chalait Tea

Top-Grade Matcha Tea

US $46.00

Whisk this exquisitely fine green-tea powder into hot water or warm nut milk for a stimulating, antioxidant-packed drink—energy-wise, you get the equivalent of ten cups of regular green tea in one cup, so it’s a great substitute for coffee. It also has all the detoxifying, calorie-burning, metabolism-boosting power of green tea—and of course, it tastes incredible. The Bamboo Whisk, based on Japanese ceremonial tools and designed to prevent clumping, is the easiest, most elegant way to blend. (For best results, whisk the matcha in a "W" motion until it gets good and frothy.)

  • 100% Japanese matcha green tea
  • 1.41 oz
Top-Grade Matcha Tea

Top-Grade Matcha Tea

About the Brand

The now-cemented friendship between goop and Chalait first started when we commissioned them to make their signature (and delicious) almond matcha lattes — a GP favorite — for the #goop pop in New York City’s Columbus Circle. They’re sort of pioneers in the matcha space, opening one of the first cafes in the city to serve such a matcha-heavy menu, and their own-branded tea sets the standard for smooth-tasting, antioxidant-rich matcha whether you buy it in the shop or make it at home yourself.