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Trauma Repair Flower Essence Blend

US $22.00

Made of organic wildflower essences and the gem essences of diamond, topaz, and turquoise, this formula helps clear, stabilize and soothe emotional trauma. Please note: Flower essence is scentless and odorless, and, therefore, distinct from essential oils. "Trauma Repair should be paired with a holistic healthcare protocol as emotional trauma can be quite severe and needs a multi-pronged approach," says Floracopeia’s Sara Crow, L.Ac.

  • 0.5 oz

How to Use

Due to the energetic nature of flower essences, it is important to not let the glass dropper touch anything other than the flower essence itself in order to keep the essence as potent as possible. Flower essences have an extremely high level of safety and can be used by people of all ages without concern. Flower essences are great for animals, too.

  • Internally: 1-2 drops on the tongue, four times a day or as desired. They can also be added to spring water and sipped on throughout the day.
  • Externally: Flower essences can be applied topically to areas of the body, such as the acupuncture or marma points. A few drops can also be added to massage oil, body care products, clearing/room spray (spring water and essential oil blend), and numerous other ways.

Safety Considerations for Trauma Repair Flower Essence Blend: Flower essences are an extremely safe energetic preparation. They do not interfere with other botanical preparations, supplements or pharmaceuticals.