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Maria Tash x goop

Turquoise Piercing and Cuff Eternity

US $795.00US $239.00 Final Sale

This two-in-one turquoise-encrusted earring is especially amazing for those of us with a single lobe piercing who would like to create the illusion of multiple piercings for a bit of edge: the first band is a pierced eternity ring while the second is a cuff—though it’s impossible to tell the difference. Sold as a single (for the right ear or the left ear).

Piercer, body jewelry trailblazer, and overall badass Maria Tash has gotten up close and personal with lots of big-name earlobes, so it’s really no surprise her line of dainty earrings is our top pick for filling out multiple ear piercings.

Made exclusively for goop. 

  • Single earring: choose for the right ear or for the left ear


About the Brand

The cool thing about Maria Tash is that she’s not only a jewelry designer, but an expert in ear piercing (see our full ear-piercing guide [] for all her tips), so each piece she makes is durable and gentle on your skin. Since her jewelry is designed with multiple piercings in mind, we always go to her for earrings that look great layered up one after the other as they make their way up your ear lobe.