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True Botanicals

Vitamin C Booster


This brilliant bottle is pure powdered vitamin C—which, added into your daily serum treatment, helps to stimulate collagen production, brightens and evens the skin tone, and leaves skin looking noticeably healthy, glowy, and firm. Because vitamin C degrades in water, even preservative-packed formulas don’t stay effective for long; this brilliant powder, however, remains fully potent until you mix it with water or moisturizer (it’s truly amazing combined with the Cellular Repair Serum, RENEW). It’s also fantastic for travel—but the real reason to use it are the (serious) results: Healthier skin that clearly more even and decidedly glowy.

  • .49 oz


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About the Brand

This beautiful line began with friends Hilary Peterson and Christina Mace-Turner’s dismay over the rampant toxins in and non-regulation of conventional beauty products; the two envisioned a luxurious and turbocharged skincare line that didn’t compromise health. The result, incredibly nourishing, super-concentrated bio-active formulas that include luscious shampoos and conditioners, and an extensive, super-effective lineup of skincare that works for every skin type, from the blemish-prone to those looking to age gracefully and relatively line-lessly, and more.