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Soko Jewelry

Wavy Ring Stack

US $68.00

Whether worn separately or stacked together, this set of five wavy-shaped bands—cut from beautifully repurposed brass—brings a low-key edge to whatever you have on. Even more reason to love them: they’re ethically made by Kenyan artisans using time-honored techniques.

  • 100% recycled brass

About the Brand

Voluminous pieces made of recycled brass and reclaimed cow horn are the backbone of Soko Jewelry. Handcrafted by artisans of Nairobi, Kenya, Soko gives artists power to directly interact with consumers through an innovative iPhone app. Sparked by a chance meeting on a trip to Kenya, Soko founders Gwendolyn Floyd, Ella Peinovich, and Catherine Mahugu produce the kind of jewelry that feels truly good to wear.