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Penguin Random House

When She Makes More

US $18.00

One thing we love about financial expert Farnoosh Torabi: She makes talking about money fun. And easy. (That's why her podcast, So Money, holds a spot on so many goop staffers' queues.) Torabi’s most recent book, When She Makes More, really strikes a chord. Because it broaches an elephant-in-the-room topic—the unbalance, confusion, and emotions that can bubble up when women make more than their partners. Women who bring home a higher salary are more likely to burn out and get divorced, says Torabi. There's a greater pressure to make everything—finance, household chores, career—work. “What we need is a map of how to best manage our relationships when dealing with this complex and delicate dynamic,” Torabi writes. “In addition to knowing how to address economic nuts and bolts.” The book is full of this—tangible, empowering advice—and it shakes up old, perpetuated narratives around gender and money.

  • Paperback
  • 272 pages
  • ISBN: 9780142181928

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